Coming up on Connections: Friday, February 17th

Feb 17, 2017

First hour: Unleashed - The Pet Show

Second hour: Second Opinion LIVE discusses heart health

In this month's episode of Unleashed, we'll hear from a dog owner who is working to turn her heartbreak into action. Denise Krohn's two dogs were killed during a home invasion, and now, she's fighting for legislation that would make it a crime to hurt a pet during the commission of another crime. We'll also talk to a Wayne County woman whose dog, Derby, took to the national stage, competing in the Masters Obedience Championship at the Westminster Kennel Club Show. We’ll talk to her about the experience of a lifetime. And, Dr. Edward Gschrey from South Towne Veterinary Hospital will be in studio to answer your questions about pet health and behavior. Our guests:

  • Dr. Edward Gschrey, D.V.M., hospital director and owner of South Towne Veterinary Hospital 
  • Leanne Capozzi, participated in the Westminster Kennel Club Show 
  • Beth Cooper, ring assistant at the Westminster Kennel Club Show 

Then in our second hour, it's Second Opinion LIVE! This month, we're discussing heart health. Heart disease affects 27.6  million American adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We'll talk about common conditions, treatment, heart-healthy diets, and more. Our guests:

  • Dr. John Bisognano, M.D., Ph.D., professor of medicine, and director of outpatient services in the Division of Cardiology, and director of the Comprehensive Hypertension Center at the University of Rochester
  • Dr. Rebecca Shallek, M.D., cardiologist in the Department of Cardiology at Highland Hospital, and senior instructor of clinical medicine in cardiology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry