Coming up on Connections: Friday, August 29th

Aug 28, 2014

Credit NPR

First hour: Organized labor roundtable

Second hour: Recording artist David Lanz

In our first hour, Labor Day is coming, and in many ways, union leaders feel that their organizations are under attack. Nationally, there's the right-to-work movement. In New York state, there's the debate over Wicks and Scaffold laws, among others. We check in on the state of our unions.

Jim Bertolone, President of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Labor Federation and AFL-CIO
Erin Young, Rochester and Genesee Valley Labor Federation
Dave Young, President of the Rochester Building and Construction Trades
Tom Gillette, Regional Director for New York State United Teachers

In our second hour, we welcome new age recording titan David Lanz, who now makes Rochester his home. He talks about 30 years in the industry, and why he still wants to crank out an album every single year. 

Then, as part of our Move to Include series, we learn all about Camp EAGR. We welcome Mike Radell, Director of the camp, along with Lisa Noonan, a board member of Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc.