COMIDA Approves Incentives For Xerox

Jul 25, 2013

Credit lechase.com

 A proposal to provide tax incentives for Xerox to expand one of their facilities in Webster is moving forward.

COMIDA, the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency, has approved property and sales tax incentives for the 35 million dollar toner plant expansion that Xerox is proposing. The company has not definitely said it will be in Webster, but indicated the incentives were important to those considerations as it also looks at some other sites around the world. The plant would create around 25 full time jobs.

The town supervisor and village mayor in Webster have expressed concerns about giving tax incentives to this project, but COMIDA chairwoman Theresa Mazzullo says this would be a good project for the local community.

"We have an obligation as an industrial development agency to support those companies that are growing and expanding in our community, those are new jobs, that are paying good salaries, and that's exactly what we want to see."

Xerox expects to make a decision on where to locate the expansion by the end of the month.