Clifton Springs Hospital To Become Part Of RGH

Sep 20, 2013

Clifton Springs Hospital will become part of the Rochester General Health System. Officials at RGH announced the move on Friday, and said that the proposal to make Clifton Springs a fully integrated affiliate of Rochester General has been under evaluation over the past year.

RGH CEO Mark Clement says having Clifton Springs as part of their network will help his hospital continue its progress toward building a regional integrated health care system focused on improving quality, efficiency, affordability and patient access.

The interim CEO at Clifton Springs, Dr. Lew Zulick, says that his hospital chose RGH because of its proven track record for helping affiliated hospitals pursue their community-centered missions.

Clement says this latest affiliation mirrors a trend that is being seen nationwide with community hospitals continuing to be impacted by changes in the health care system.

Here's video of RGHS CEO Mark Clement and interim Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic CEO Lew Zurick talking about one of the biggest challenges facing rural hospitals -- recruiting physicians: