Center for Disability Rights Marks the ADA's 23rd Anniversary

Jul 26, 2013

We've come a long way, but there's still work to be done.

That's according to Chris Hilderbrant, the Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Disability Rights.

The organization marked the 23rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act with an annual breakfast with elected officials. There Hilderbrant identified some of the challenges still facing people with disabilities in Rochester.

He says they include home care services, employment opportunities and accessible and affordable housing.

"The city continues to put money into housing developments that go in that are great but they are built with steps to get in the front door,” Hilderbrant explains. “So every person who uses a wheelchair and lot of them who use walkers are totally eliminated from that."

Hilderbrant says about 50-percent of disabled people living in Rochester are not pleased with their current living situations.

He says he's hopeful more accessible housing opportunities will be made available for people with disabilities in the near future.