Catholic Family Charities celebrates 100 years

Apr 24, 2017

Credit cfcrochester.org

The Catholic Family Center is celebrating its centennial Monday.

On April 24, 1917, the New York state legislature incorporated the Catholic Charities across the state. That organization later became known as the Catholic Family Center, founded on the mission to assist immigrants, find employment for men released from prison and serve unmarried mothers.

The CFC continues to work to empower poor and vulnerable individuals and families with a variety of programs across all stages of life.

Over the past 100 years, Marketing Director for the CFC Katherine Grant said their services have evolved as the needs of the community have changed, including the work they do assisting immigrants.

"That program has evolved and it’s become much more collaborative. We remain the lead agency that will accept and process refugees into our community. But our community has really, since the 70’s, become much more collaborative about the welcome."

Some of the work the CFC is focusing on now, Grant says, includes helping families secure and retain a living wage, mental health awareness and substance abuse.

"There’s a new grant that was secured last year that will enable us to provide and co-locate primary care providers with our existing mental health providers and substance use clinics, so that there’s more of a whole person care. That can reduce the need for acute emergency care for manageable chronic conditions."

Grant says they hope to continue to assist their neighbors and community through collaborative efforts for another 100 years.

"There’s been road blocks this year that have been well covered in the news, but really over the last 100 years there have been surprises. There have been new administrations, there have been wars, and there have been challenges that have been placed in our community that the community has rallied around, including this agency."

Governor Cuomo has announced that April 24th will be Catholic Charities Day in New York State; Mayor Lovely Warren has issued a similar proclamation for the City of Rochester.