Canada Geese Still Overabundant in New York State

Apr 30, 2012

New York State’s resident Canada Geese population is around 200,000, despite the annual harvest of about 50,000 of the birds during hunting season.

And the state DEC says the birds, while a valuable natural resource, can become a problem because of the droppings they leave behind.

DEC Waterfowl specialist Brian Swift says there are ways to discourage geese from becoming settled or familiar on your property. That includes using persistent chasing techniques, using loud noises or a border collie or other breed of dog that would chase the geese without harming them.

Swift adds if people are concerned about geese nesting on their property, there are ways to treat the eggs so they won't hatch. So-called egg addling requires a permit, however.

Swift encourages people to visit the DEC's website should they have a problem with nuisance Canada geese.