Calling Hours Tonight for Fallen Firefighters

Dec 28, 2012

As Webster prepares to say goodbye to its fallen heroes this weekend, firefighters from across the country are making travel plans to attend the funerals of Mike Chiapperini and Tomasz.

The 43 year old Chiapperini, 43, and 19 year old were gunned down at a fire scene in Webster on Christmas Eve. Police say William Spengler Jr. set the fire to lure first responders. A body found Tuesday at Spengler’s Lake Road home has not been identified.

They remains are believed to be that of Spengler's sister, 67-year old Cheryl, who has not been seen since before the tragic events

Webster will remember the fallen firemen at Webster Shrader High School...where calling hours for both their families will be held Friday evening from 6 till 9 and on Saturday from noon to 3 and again from 6 to 9.