Burst Pipe Floods A Loading Dock At Medley Centre

Jan 12, 2014

Credit TWC News

Fire crews were called to Medley Centre in Irondequoit on Sunday after a water pipe burst.

Time Warner Cable News reports that the pipe burst at the loading dock of one of the empty department stores at the mall, and the water completely filled the dock area.

Firefighters at the mall Sunday said a sprinkler system in an empty part of the mall still had water despite the heat being shut off in the building.

A statement was issued by a spokesperson for the Medley Centre who said they're surprised by the flooding and they typically have a repairman on the property during cold weather. An official with Bersin Properties, Jim Giuliano, told TWC News that the company is asking police to investigate whether the problems in the mall are being caused by people going into the mall to create media events “to the detriment of  the project going forward.”

The statement said that Bersin Properties is surprised by the flooding and typically has a repairman on the property during cold weather.

This incident happened after Town Supervisor Adam Bello said last week that there were substantial structural failures at a building housing a water pump station at Medley Centre.  A fire official told TWC News that the burst pipe on Sunday was not connected to issues with the pumping station.