Brooks Fires Monroe Community Hospital Director

May 10, 2013

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks has fired the executive director of Monroe Community Hospital.

Todd Spring was removed from that job Friday after a state report accused him of mistreating a patient there by taking his wheelchair away.

Brooks says she fired Spring after an independent review of hospital practices and procedures. She says it is apparent that Spring did not live up to her standards for excellence in care at the county nursing home.

Democrats in the county legislature recently called for Spring to step down, and on Thursday, Brooks had said she doesn’t make decisions about personnel based on politics, but wanted to provide a reasoned, measured response to a state survey of that hospital.

Brooks says she will ask the county legislature president to reconstitute an advisory board for the hospital which has been inactive for several years. But she tells WXXI News she does not feel that even if that board had been active now, it would have prevented the recent incident.

Assistant Administrator at the hospital, Rosemary Provo, will serve as Acting Executive Health Director until further notice.