Bird Flu Vaccine Trials Start in Rochester

Rochester, NY – The University of Rochester Medical Center is starting the first round of several bird flu vaccine trails.

Today nearly two dozen people are taking part in the study. Volunteers will receive the vaccine through a nasal spray, and will be contained at Unity Saint Mary's Hospital for 12 days.

Dr. John Treanor is chief of the infectious diseases division at the URMC. He says studying the vaccine will be interesting. If the virus were to become contagious among humans, Treanor says I'd most likely be like the H1N1 flu virus - spreading from hand-to-hand.

He says people would experience illness - the serverity of symptoms may or maynot be mild.

URMC hopes to conduct about five trials a year, using the space at Saint Mary's Hospital. The studies are funded by a National Institutes of Health grant for more than 15-point-5 million dollars over the next five years.

Treanor says the trail started Monday and ends next week Friday.