Better Grades On Air Quality

Apr 24, 2013

Credit American Lung Association

 The air is getting a bit easier to breathe in Monroe County. That's according to the American Lung Association's annual  "State of the Air Report. "  Among the pollutants measured by this report is the level of ground level ozone, and the association says Monroe County ranks a letter grade of  "A"  in the latest report, compared to a grade of  " C "  last year.

Lung Association spokesman Michael Seilback says that's an excellent  improvement. He says nationwide, there has been a general improvement in air quality over the last year, due to factors that include more hybrid vehicles and cleaner burning fuels.

Seilback says the letter grade for particle pollution in Monroe County, which is basically soot,  remained at  "B"  which is still considered pretty good.

He says people can still do a lot to improve the level of air pollution, by doing things that are as simple as conserving electricity.