Barnhart proposes 50 percent property tax reduction if elected Rochester Mayor

Feb 6, 2017

Credit Alex Crichton / WXXI News

Rachel Barnhart made it official on Monday…she's running for Mayor of Rochester.

The former TV reporter and anchor ran unsuccessfully in a Democratic Primary or an Assembly seat last fall, but is now outlining what she calls a "bold new vision" for Rochester in her mayoral campaign.

"We are proposing to cut taxes in half for everyone, that includes homeowners, and businesses."  Barnhart says her administration would, “implement this property tax cut in three years after a full reassessment.  During that time, we will put money into a dedicated fund to offset that revenue loss." 

Barnhart says sources of funds could include consolidating the water system, possibly with Monroe County, asking the state to step up to help, making budget efficiencies, and growing the tax base with new homeowners and families.

She says this three-year plan will provide relief to homeowners, renters and businesses and make Rochester competitive by attracting new families and businesses town.

She also outlined other initiatives including increasing funding for childcare, wiring every home with fiber internet, and recruiting businesses to locate in the city.

Former Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard recently announced he is also running for mayor. The incumbent, Lovely Warren, has not yet said if she is a candidate. If she does run, it sets up a potential three-way Democratic Primary in September.