Attica correctional officers say prison was placed on lockdown

Jan 11, 2017

Credit npr.org

ATTICA, N.Y. (AP) — New York's correctional officer's union says Attica Correctional Facility was placed on lockdown after five fights involving illegal weapons broke out in the span of two days.

The western New York maximum security prison has been on lockdown since Sunday while officials search the facility for weapons and other contraband.

The union says the first incident was a fight between two inmates that occurred in the A Yard on Saturday. A brawl involving eight prisoners broke out in the same place the following day.

Gas canisters were used to prevent more people from joining another fight among 12 inmates in the C Yard on Sunday. The lockdown was ordered after two more incidents occurred.

No staff members were hurt. The union says the most serious injury was an inmate's stabbing.