Assembly Bill Proposes New Skills-Based High School Diploma

Oct 17, 2013

Credit www.woodstore.net

Many high school students across New York strive for a Regents diploma, but if a local assemblyman has his way, students will have another option. 

Assemblyman Harry Bronson (D-Rochester) is co-sponsoring a bill that would establish a Career and Technical Education (CTE) diploma for graduating high school seniors. 

Bronson says students would obtain the diploma by taking technical classes through BOCES to learn machining, IT development, manufacturing, and skills needed for health industry jobs. “There are a number of employers who have talked to me about the need for this type of program and their desire for having it in place so they could actually offer these jobs to graduating young people.”  

Bronson says the CTE high school program would be very similar to the workforce development program at MCC.