Arbor Day Tree Celebration in Rochester

Apr 25, 2014

City and county representatives plant a Dawn Redwood tree in Mount Hope Cemetery
Credit Alex Crichton / WXXI

The first Arbor Day in America took place in Nebraska in 1872, when about a million trees were planted.

The founding of Mount Hope Cemetery dates back even further, to 1838.

And some of the trees that stand there now were planted back then.

To celebrate National Arbor Day Friday, a Dawn Redwood tree was planted on the cemetery grounds.

The tree could grow to as high as 100 feet, according to City Forester Brian Liberti.

He says there aren't many of that variety around, and likely the only one in the cemetery.

Cemetery manager Jeff Simmons used the opportunity to remind people that a fundraising campaign to plant new trees is underway.

He says they've raised over 14-thousand dollars toward a 70-thousand dollar goal in the Reforest Mount Hope Cemetery initiative.

The festivities also included city elementary school students receiving award certificates for the Arbor Day posters they created.

Elementary students recognized for their Arbor Day posters