Anti-Smoking Group: New York "Short Changing" Smoking Prevention Efforts

Dec 26, 2013

New York State is spending only about 15-percent of the amount of money the Centers for Disease Control recommends spending on smoking cessation programs.  

That's according to the group Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

They say New York is spending about 39 million dollars on such programs.

The CDC recommends 254 million in yearly funding.

Vice president for Communications, Vince Willmore, says New York has made progress in smoking prevention, but funding for such programs continues to be cut.

Willmore says the state will collect 2.3 billion dollars in revenue from the tobacco settlement and tobacco taxes, but the state is spending less than 2 cents of every dollar to fight tobacco use.

He says his group isn't asking for all that money to go to cessation programs, but the state needs to restore funding for anti-smoking programs to the level it was just a few years ago.

A spokesman for the state's budget office wouldn't comment on anti-smoking money because the state's budget proposal is still being crafted.