Another Vehicle Damage Incident, On 390 Near Kendrick Road

Jun 7, 2014

There’s another report of a vehicle being damaged while moving, this time late Saturday afternoon. It happened around 4:30 p.m. on Route  390.

Deputies say a woman was driving  a Subaru Outback  on Route 390 northbound in the right lane.

They say her two children were in the vehicle with her. As the vehicle passed the Kendrick Road overpass in the town of Brighton an object struck her windshield causing damage to the window.  

The area was searched by a number of law enforcement agencies.

There were no injuries and at this point, deputies are not sure what the object was that hit her windshield.

Authorities don’t know if this incident is connected to a dozen other similar incidents, but at this point, they are treating them as if they are related.