Analyst Says Kodak Will Be a Different Company Post-Bankruptcy

May 1, 2013

Credit www.kodak.com

Eastman Kodak, once the dominant force in the film business, will follow a new path after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to an industry analyst.  

George Conboy, president of Brighton Securities, says the former photo giant will focus on providing supplies and services to the printing industry.  "There won't be something that you as a consumer will buy from Eastman Kodak. But a lot of the things that you may buy at Wegmans or anywhere else might have paper or packaging printed with Kodak technology."  Conboy, critical of Kodak's management, says he does have faith in the company's workforce.  " Now they will be in a very competitive business--the printing industry--that Kodak's own five year projections suggest will be a flat business industry-wide, out of which Kodak will seek to cut out a pretty good-sized niche.  So they're going to have their work cut out for them. But they have good technology, good people, so I'm confident they can succeed."