Albert Paley's "Soliloquy" Is Installed At The Memorial Art Gallery

Sep 24, 2013

Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

(( Video of the installation and an interview with Albert Paley are below:  ))

A sculpture created by Rochester's internationally known artist Albert Paley was hoisted into place Tuesday by a crane at the Memorial Art Gallery. It  completes a major outdoor project at that venue.

The installation of Paley's 25 foot metal sculpture, called Soliloquy, is the fourth and final piece of major outdoor art that makes up the Centennial Sculpture Park at the gallery. The seven tons of stainless steel is located near the Goodman Street entrance, and Paley says it took about two years for the design phase of this artwork.

“So it went through a whole process, and then the interface with the architecture, the development of the pedestrian plaza, the siting of the work, In a community, it’s part of the educational process that’s involved. “

Paley began getting ready to install the sculpture at the Memorial Art Gallery soon after he finished work on an even bigger project, the 13 sculptures now on display along Park Avenue in New York City.

The Director of the Memorial Art Gallery, Grant Holcomb, says Paley's latest Rochester sculpture, and the others that are part of the Centennial Project, are meant to help the museum better interface with the community around it.

“There’s no doubt that it makes the gallery part of the neighborhood, and the neighborhood part of the gallery, and you will see that increase in terms of activity in terms of collaborations."

Paley has had a long association with the Memorial Art Gallery, and he says he had his first exhibition there in 1971 soon after he moved to this area.

Here's video of the installation and an interview with Albert Paley: (videography by Marty Kaufman)