Advice and a warning for property owners who need to repair storm damage

Mar 9, 2017

A tree rips through part of a home on Rock Beach in Irondequoit
Credit Laura Garrison

The hurricane-force winds that tore through the Rochester area Wednesday not only took down trees and power lines, they also left home and business owners with torn roofs, broken gutters, and in some cases, more serious damage to their property.

Rick Herman of the Rochester Home Builders' Association says you may have to be patient if you need to secure the services of a professional contractor.    

"In most cases, with the exception of a completely blown-in roof or something like that, minor repairs can wait a few days or even a few weeks."

If your home or business sustained structural damage, Herman said it should be assessed by a professional.

"An engineer or town or one of the public officials with one of the first responder agencies would be able to make a determination if a structure is not safe for inhabitance."

Herman warns property owners to be aware of so-called "storm chasers" who might come into the area looking for work, but do nothing more than walk off with your money.

The Home Builders’ Association makes referrals to private contractors through its website www.findthehomepros.com