AARP Says People 50+ Are Worried About Their Finances

Jun 8, 2014

People who are 50 years of age and older are living in what one organization calls a "state of economic unrest. “ 

The group that says people over 50 are worried about their economic well-being is the AARP.  That organization has released a survey which says this region's population of middle aged people and older are worried about paying their mortgages, rents, property taxes and even utility bills.

The survey includes people across the state, and the specifics for Monroe County show that 69 percent of those surveyed said the cost of heating their homes this past winter strained their budgets and 41 percent said they are worried about being able to pay their property taxes.

An official with the AARP says not only are state residents concerned, they want their lawmakers to do something about it.  When it comes to utility bills, 70 percent of people 50 and older in Monroe County say their elected officials aren't doing enough to combat soaring home energy costs. 

The AARP is backing a bill that would create a utility watchdog.