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11:28 am
Tue October 11, 2011

AARP Poll: Its Youngest Members Concerned About Health Care Costs

Rochester, NY – A new poll shows nearly 80%of New Yorkers aged 50 to 64 are worried they'll have to cut back on health care coverage over the next five years.
The state chapter of AARP commissioned the poll.
Spokesman Bill Ferris says results show many people in this age group are having trouble paying for their health insurance.
As a result, one-third of poll respondents say they've put off routine check-ups or delayed seeing a doctor when they feel ill.
About 20%indicated they are taking less medication than prescribed, or they're not getting prescriptions filled.
AARP is using the poll results to urge state lawmakers to set up a health care exchange -- a move they say might lead insurers to lower premiums in order to be more competitive.