Megan Mack

Connections Producer

Megan Mack the producer of Connections with Evan Dawson and Unleashed: The Pet Show. She joined the WXXI News team from WHEC-TV, where she produced newscasts and The Olympic Zone, and from the University of Rochester, where she served as an assistant director of public relations. Her background extends to television sports and entertainment, and to communications and social media management for non-profits.

Megan earned her B.S. in Television-Radio-Film from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, and her B.A. in Italian Language, Literature, and Culture from the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University. She is also a graduate of The Second City’s Conservatory program.

Ways to Connect

Weekend Connections is a collection of some of the most noteworthy moments from the week on Connections with Evan Dawson. This episode includes conversations about:

  • The allegations against former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman;
  • The Death of Expertise, with author Tom Nichols;
  • Medical cannabis, with music writer and Parkinson's disease patient Frank De Blase;
  • The lack of services for bilingual students in the Rochester City School District.

What does it take to change the identity of a neighborhood? Residents of the Lyell Avenue neighborhood having been working to develop solutions to persistent challenges in the area, and now they want to share their work with the community. They will host a forum on June 1st, and it's open to the public. 

We hear from them, and from Monroe County Sheriff Baxter on what it takes to uplift a neighborhood. Our guests:

A recent Reuters/Ipsos national poll shows the Democratic Party is losing support among millennials. The results of the poll, published last month, also show that millennials increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy. That doesn’t necessarily translate into votes, but it has democratic strategists concerned as they head into election season.

We talk with local millennials about their political affiliations, how those affiliations may have changed, and how they feel about the party system. In studio:

  • Alex Hipolito, legislative assistant to Assemblymember Harry Bronson
  • Carolyn Hoffman, political strategist
  • Nick Nevinger, actor
  • Jessica Fleming, human services professional

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First hour: Why is the Democratic Party losing support among millennials?

Second hour: How to change the identity of a neighborhood

The debate over a proposed redevelopment at Cobbs Hill is just one example of the heated debates that can happen regarding land use, housing, and the rights of neighbors to weigh in.

A newly formed coalition of neighborhood groups called Our Land Roc is dedicated to what it calls "permanently affordable, sustainable development" in the city of Rochester. So what are their demands? We find out with our guests:

  • Matt DeLaus, president of the Pearl-Meigs-Monroe Neighborhood Association, member of Many Neighbors Building Neighborhoods, and member of the City Roots Community Land Trust
  • Rachel Rosen Simpson, climate justice liaison for ROCDSA on the Our Land Roc Coalition
  • Dorian Hall, member of the Plex Neighborhood Association and member of Many Neighbors Building Neighborhoods

Adam McFadden is running for Congress. The longtime member of Rochester City Council is one of four Democrats on the ballot for the June 26th primary. He details his ideas. It's the third in our series of interviews with the candidates.

First hour: 25th Congressional District candidate Adam McFadden

Second hour: How much influence do neighborhood groups have on shaping land use policies?

Frank De Blase is a well known music writer and photographer, and he's using his pen to tell the story of his own struggle with Parkinson's.

Frank writes about the new medical marijuana system: where does someone go to get it? What's the process like? It's an illuminating look at this young enterprise in New York State. Our guests:

  • Frank De Blase, music writer, photographer, and Parkinson’s disease patient
  • Dr. Michelle Burack, assistant professor in the Department of Neurology, and clinical director for surgical therapies for the Movement Disorder Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Dr. Robert Horowitz, M.D., chief and professor of palliative care in the Department of Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned just hours after the New Yorker published a piece containing allegations of physical and sexual abuse. It's a #MeToo case that further shakes the public trust in elected leaders. After all, Schneiderman has consistently praised women for coming forward, and vowed to be an ally in the movement.

Our guests discuss it:

First hour: Discussing the Schneiderman case

Second hour: Using medical cannabis to treat Parkinson's disease