Caitlin Whyte

Weekend Edition Host

Caitlin joins WXXI after working down the street at Stephens Media Group where, she co hosted a children's radio show, "Saturday Morning CarTunes" on WARM 101.3 and worked as a traffic reporter for various affiliates.

Prior to that, she lived in Western Alaska where she worked for KNOM in Nome.  When she was not engrossed in all things Iditarod, Caitlin served as the community and education spot producer and hosted the weekday morning program.

Originally from Rochester, Caitlin graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.S in Audio/Radio Production and Broadcast Management. She is excited to make the jump to public radio and host Weekend Edition.


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Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

The Eastern portion of the Inner Loop has been filled in.

Mayor Lovely Warren along with local and state officials cut the ribbon on the Union Street Exit Wednesday afternoon.

An orange car pulled up to the exit, with Mayor Warren driving Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, it marked the first passenger car to use the new ramp.

The moat, as many including Slaughter called it, is now gone.

"We know that in 1960 we built a moat in Rochester, a barrier to downtown development, when we had hoped it would be a way to grow the city's core."

Webster Turkey Trot Facebook

One of the oldest races in the Rochester area will run on this Thursday.

The Webster Turkey Trot is celebrating 46 years of Thanksgiving Day running.

Ellen Brenner, who co-founded YellowJacket Racing said it was originally started by Jim May for his cross country team and grew from there. Her husband David Boutillier now runs it.

Griszka Niewiadomski / Freeimages.com

A tax bill passed by House Republicans last week has many graduate students and staff wondering about the future of their programs.

Two deans of graduate education at local universities say the proposed tax bill has millions of dollars in cuts to deductions and exclusions that help current graduate students fund their educations.

Graduate students now receive tuition waivers for the classes they take and are paid a stipend by their university. They are then only taxed on the income they see, which is that stipend.


The University of Rochester Medical Center is embarking on $2.4 million study focused on a population that is virtually immune to food allergies: Old Order Mennonites.

Fewer than 1% of Old Order Mennonites have food allergies, asthma or other allergic diseases.

Kirsi Jarvinen-Seppo is leading the study,  an associate professor at UR. She said a difference in lifestyle could be affecting immune systems. Old Order Mennonites live on farms and deliver babies at home, while people who live in cities do just the opposite.

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

A Rochester tradition continues this year at Holy Childhood and their new Special Touch Bakery.

Over 2,400 pies are being baked for the Thanksgiving holiday at Special Touch this week. The facility’s primary mission is to provide training and employment for people in our community with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

With pies stacked taller than my head, Director of Bakery Operations Joe Perdicho showed me around the bakery floor, which has been open for about a month now. He says there has been a lot of positive energy coming from the community.

Town of Pittsford

Some changes will be hitting the Erie Canal in Brighton and Pittsford soon.

In order to maintain erosion and embankment security,  Executive Deputy Director at the State Canal Corporation John Callaghan says trees and brush along the canal must be removed.

"Large vegetation such as trees can have extensive root structures which could weaken the embankment, increasing a risk of failure."

Callaghan says there is no imminent risk to properties along the canal, but embankments need to be maintained to avoid possible flooding.

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

The first World Day of the Poor was held Sunday, promoted by Pope Francis. The event was announced in order to create a space for the poor and non-poor alike to gather.

The Pope asked worldwide for people to serve the poor in their communities with concrete actions that address their daily needs.

The House of Mercy held a number of events at their location on Ormond Street including a winter clothing drive and community meal.

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Life expectancy is dramatically different for those in Rochester who are homeless.

That is according to research by Harry Murray, a sociology professor at Nazareth College, which shows a significant difference between men and women.

The average man in Monroe County lives to be 77, while the average homeless man lives to be 54.

For women, the average life expectancy is just over 81, but for homeless women its just 42 years old.

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Resist and Persist. That’s the title of this year’s National Organization for Women state conference  held at MCC  on Saturday.

The annual event brings together women leaders and activists for a day of organizing and learning.

President of New York NOW Sonia Ossorio recognized the achievements and actions taken by women in the last year, specifically since the 2016 election.

"Since then when we gathered to mourn and pick ourselves up and we promised each other to go forward, we haven’t stopped."

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

$1.3 million in two weeks. That's what the Rochester Rhinos say they need to raise in order to secure a 2018 season.

Owners Wendy and David Dworkin passionately asked the community to engage and support the beloved team in order to keep them around. An emotional speech came from Chief Soccer Officer and former head coach Pat Ercoli as well.