Caitlin Whyte

Weekend Edition Host

Caitlin joins WXXI after working down the street at Stephens Media Group where, she co hosted a children's radio show, "Saturday Morning CarTunes" on WARM 101.3 and worked as a traffic reporter for various affiliates.

Prior to that, she lived in Western Alaska where she worked for KNOM in Nome.  When she was not engrossed in all things Iditarod, Caitlin served as the community and education spot producer and hosted the weekday morning program.

Originally from Rochester, Caitlin graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.S in Audio/Radio Production and Broadcast Management. She is excited to make the jump to public radio and host Weekend Edition.


Ways to Connect

Andrea Cherie Thompson / WXXI News

Congressman Tom Reed, (R-Corning), held four town halls on Saturday including one in Manchester in Ontario County. The Manchester Town Hall quickly reached its capacity soon after its doors opened at noon. But people continued to fill in and listen from the lobby eager to hear from their representative. Nora Cunha of Clifton Springs was one of those in the hallway.

"I want to hear what he has to say, I'm happy that he does town halls even if it’s not what a want to hear. I'm glad that he comes to listen and I hope that maybe he takes something away from it."

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

The Israeli Consul General  in New York, Dani Dayan met with Mayor Lovely Warren and CEO of the Rochester Jewish Federation Meredith Dragon on Thursday afternoon

The meeting was in response to a number of anti-semitic incidents around the country including in Rochester.

Speaking in the Waad Hakalel Cemetery in Rochester, where several grave stones were vandalized recently, Dayan said he had hoped news like this was a thing of the past.

Human trafficking is an issue many may not think happens locally, but one awareness campaign is trying to change that idea.

The Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking announced its "Yes, Here" bus campaign in an effort to educate the community about human trafficking in the area.

The chair of that coalition, Celia McIntosh said that starts by defining different kinds of trafficking.

Customers and transit advocates gathered at the RTS Transit Center Friday morning to urge Governor Cuomo to provide additional funding for public transportation.

The governor’s proposed budget holds funding flat for the Regional Transit Service, but advocates are saying a 2% increase is necessary to maintain services and make the kind of changes that are needed to be successful as new technologies and mobility options continue to emerge.

Assemblyman Harry Bronson said it’s essential to have a reliable transit system in ensure the quality of life in a community.

Interfaith Chapel Facebook

Medical students at the University of Rochester held a different kind of rally Saturday evening.

Songs in Solidarity was intended to gather people in the name of song. Organizers of the event wanted to create a space to sing along to classic protest songs, songs from the labor movement and more modern music.

Emily Walters is a medical student at UR and helped organize the event; she said it was inspired by some of the other rallies she’s attended lately.

A new study published Monday evaluated the relationship between state same-sex marriage policies and suicide attempts in youth identifying as a sexual minority.

The study out of Johns Hopkins and Boston's Children’s Hospital surveyed over 700,000 youth across the country over the last decade, and saw a 7% reduction in these adolescents thinking about suicide in the states that passed marriage equality laws.

Authors of the study estimate that 7% includes about 100,000 lesbian, gay and bisexual teens.


A class offered at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Rochester is encouraging people to learn more about the history and practice of Islam.

Dr. Joseph Kelly is the professor emeritus of religious studies at Nazareth College and leads the sessions. He said the classes were created to eliminate any uncertainty or fear people might have towards the faith, and separate the religion from extremist groups.

Denise Young / WXXI News

Taxi drivers from across Rochester gathered at city hall Friday afternoon in response to the possibility of Uber and Lyft ride-hailing services coming to New York State.

Protestors say the apps would destroy full time professional driving jobs for the 300 taxi drivers already working in Rochester.

Ismael Medina is one of those drivers. He’s been driving in Rochester for 4 years and says our city doesn’t use cabs enough to be able to support everyone who would drive if Uber came in.

Organizers of  the Black Lives Matter at School Day held Friday for the Rochester City School District say the event was created to reflect on the past, present and future of the civil rights movement and black lives in our country, and to encourage conversation about social justice and sustainable progress.

Rakia Hardaway is a social studies teacher at Edison Career and Technology High School, she said it’s important to have these events in schools to show that youth participation is essential.

Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

People gathered at the gravesite of Frederick Douglass on a cold yet sunny morning in Mount Hope Cemetery to honor his life and legacy on the anniversary of his 199th birthday.

The event was created by the ROC Douglass Consortium, a group that started about a week ago after realizing there was no official birthday celebration in place.

Mara Ahmed is one of the organizers of that group, she said many people may not realize his impact on a variety of civil and human rights issues.