Beth Adams

Morning Edition Host

Beth Adams joined WXXI as host of Morning Edition in 2012 after a more than two decade radio career. She was the longtime host of the WHAM Morning News in Rochester, where she was recognized for her work by the New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association and the New York State Humane Society. Her career also took her from radio stations in Elmira, New York to Miami, Florida.

Beth is active in the Rochester community, having volunteered for organizations including the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm, the Heart of Gold Children's Foundation, the Rochester Press Radio Club Children’s Charities, and the Rochester Broadway Theater League Education Committee.  She is an avid reader of historical fiction and a devoted animal lover. Beth is married to award-winning writer and author Scott Pitoniak. 

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The National Institutes of Health says approximately 4 in 10 adults and 1 in 9 children use some form of complementary or alternative medicine in the U.S.

And that data is 10 years old. The use of alternative methods such as herbal supplements, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga could be more prevalent today.

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Drug and alcohol use among youth and young adults was the topic of a conference hosted by the Finger Lakes Collegiate Task Force at the RIT Inn & Conference Center on Thursday.

The event was attended by parents, school faculty and staff, coaches, and mental health and substance abuse counselors.

One of the speakers was John Underwood, president and founder of the American Athletic Institute, a sport consulting firm.

He said 83 percent of NCAA athletes regularly drink alcohol and close to 30 percent of them use marijuana.

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Kindergarten through fifth grade students at Allen Creek Elementary gathered at a school assembly this morning to cheer the news that the Pittsford School District is moving closer to full day kindergarten.

The district is getting three years of additional state funding to make the transition from half-day kindergarten.  Pittsford is one of only five districts in New York State that does not currently have full-day kindergarten.

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Wendyl Jones recalls an old James Brown song that delivers an apt warning about heroin.

“He said it would 'drive you to hell,' and that's exactly what it will do. I've lost multiple friends over the last couple of years due to this."

A tear runs down Jones’ cheek as he describes his trip to hell.  

The 42-year-old’s heroin addiction began about seven years ago when he started taking Percocet, an opioid pain medication, after he injured his neck and back in a car accident. 


Camden McKenney was 6 months old when his mother started noticing that something wasn’t quite right. Camden wasn’t rolling over and he couldn’t sit up. He was also low in weight.

Two and a half weeks after the family’s pediatrician made a referral, Camden was evaluated by a specialist and diagnosed with gross motor delay.  He started physical therapy and has made noticeable progress.

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Advocates for survivors of domestic violence and supporters of stricter gun control are applauding passage of a new measure included in the new budget for New York State.

It requires individuals convicted of domestic violence-related crimes to surrender all of their firearms.


April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. A local advocate says most people are aware of the condition, with one in 68 children getting the diagnosis.

But Rachel Rosner, director of education for AutismUp, says there's still room for improvement on the acceptance part.

Rosner hopes people can move closer to understanding and respecting the rights of those on the autism spectrum to live and thrive in their communities.

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A proposal in the New York State Senate is calling for more research into Lyme disease.

Sponsors of the legislation want the state to conduct an impact study to consider how Lyme and other tick-borne diseases may be connected to mental health problems in individuals infected with the illness.

According to the National Institute of Health, symptoms including memory and sleep disorders, irritability, and decreased concentration may not appear until weeks, months or even years after a tick bite.

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The same night a wake was held for a Rochester teen with autism who died after walking away from his school unnoticed, a federal measure to pay for tracking devices for vulnerable children and adults passed in both houses of Congress.

The legislation was included in a massive omnibus spending package that President Trump is now threatening to veto.

Rochester City Council on Tuesday night approved funding for a study of a proposal  performing arts center and residential complex on Parcel 5.

Council voted 8 -1 to have a consultant do additional research into the proposed Golisano Arts & Entertainment Complex.  Council member Molly Clifford cast the only ‘no’ vote.

She says she doesn't want to waste taxpayer money.