Connections FAQ

How can I participate in the discussion on Connections?

You can call 1-844-295-TALK (8255), email your comments ( or reach us on Facebook or Twitter.

As a caller, your role will make the show worthwhile for the listeners. But, calling in, emailing, or sending us a message on Facebook or Twitter does not ensure you or your comments will get on the air.

If you get a bad phone connection, you won't get on the air. If you're calling from your car, you should pull over to allow a connection that's more consistent and likely to be higher audio quality.

Wherever you're calling from, turn off your radio as soon as the screener answers the phone. WXXI broadcasts on a 10-second delay which means you should listen through the phone and NOT your radio (otherwise you will miss your introduction, and possibly your chance to talk).  

Think about what you want to say before you dial the number. Focus your thoughts so you will be brief and articulate with the producer who is screening the calls. The screener will ask about the nature of your comments, to make sure the call is on-topic.

Callers who are rude, abusive or vulgar will not be put on the air.

When you are introduced, please don't say, 'Can you hear me?' Just say hello and start talking.

If you call near the end of the hour, there may not be enough time to include your comment. The screener will inform you if your call cannot go on the air.

Once you are on the air, you are no longer a listener; you are a contributor to the program. There may not be time for all of your comments or questions, particularly if there are many other callers waiting to participate. Your follow-up questions are at the discretion of the host and engineer, and are affected by caller volume, and by how long you have already been on the air.

How do you pick guests and topics for Connections?

We begin by looking closely at issues in the news, and developing issues we feel may be likely to make news in the future; then we seek out people in the community and across the nation who can speak knowledgeably and articulately about those issues.

Do you take suggestions and ideas from the audience?

We definitely take suggestions from listeners. In fact, we want and actively seek your suggestions. You can contact Evan Dawson by email at, on Facebook, on Twitter, or by regular mail at WXXI-AM 1370, Box 30021, Rochester, NY 14603. Listeners’ ideas have turned into some of our best and most talked-about segments. Keep them coming!

I represent an organization or an individual I’d like to see interviewed on Connections. How do I get him/her/them on the show?

Contact host and producer Evan Dawson at or at our offices at (585) 325-7500. We can’t assure you that we will be able to accommodate your request for a booking. Not all guests and topics suggested fit the specific mission and focus of the show. But we will consider all ideas.

How can I find out about an upcoming show?

We announce the day’s topics and guests on the air every weekday, starting during Morning Edition and the Diane Rehm show. So if you listen to WXXI-AM 1370 you’ll always know what’s next on Connections.

Of course, since breaking news doesn’t happen on a regular schedule, the advance schedules are always subject to change, sometimes at a moment's notice, to respond to the latest developments. Those changes are by their nature unpredictable.

What if I have specific comments about a show I’ve heard, or questions about that show?

Address them to Evan Dawson at Or call at (585) 325-7500. We welcome all inquiries about the program. They’ll be answered promptly.

What if I have other questions about the show not answered here?

We’ll be happy to address all your specific questions at