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G7 Summit Ends Without U.S. Joining Consensus On Climate Change

At the end of a G7 summit, it's customary for the nations to release a communiqué that conveys areas of consensus among the nations. Last year, when America was represented by President Obama, the missive was 32 pages long and outlined many subjects of "common values and principles." Among other things, the group committed to take the lead on the implementation of the Paris Climate Accord. This year, as with so much else, things are different: Today's communiqué is just six pages long. And in...

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Alex Crichton / WXXI News

New York State Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle is introducing legislation he says would establish a $105 million grant program for flood recovery along the Lake Ontario shoreline and Saint Lawrence Seaway.

The Irondequoit Democrat says some of the money would help affected property and business owners, another portion would go to local governments and some funds would also be set aside to plan mitigation efforts against possible damage in future years.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the AIM Photonics project in Rochester is in the final planning stages to begin construction this summer.

Empire State Development’s Board of directors on Friday approved an $81 million dollar grant to equip and operate the Testing, Assembly and Packaging or “TAP “ facility.

That is located on Lake Avenue in Rochester at a former Kodak building at the Eastman Business park.  The building is owned by ON Semiconductor.

The state grant will be used for machinery, tools and other equipment.


The outgoing chancellor of New York’s state university system said President Donald Trump’s budget, if enacted, would seriously hamper the chances for many of New York’s young people to attend college.

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher said cuts to programs that help disadvantaged high school students gain the opportunity to attend college, as well as reductions to federal college aid and cuts to medical research, including cancer research, would have a huge negative impact on New York’s colleges.

“It would have a devastating effect on access,” Zimpher said.

One of the great Rochester success stories is R Community Bikes, which began in a garage and grew to provide 50,000 bikes to city residents in the past decade. The man behind it is a force of nature: Dan Lill is retired, makes no money from R Community Bikes, and doesn't even ride a bicycle himself. But he's dedicated to rounding up used and damaged bikes, repairing them, and making sure his team of volunteers is ready to provide bikes on the two days per week that the facility is open. The upcoming WNY Bike Fest is raising money for R Community Bikes, and they're also focused on expanding the number of people who regularly ride in the Rochester area. Our guests:

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The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that President Trump's controversial travel ban should be kept on hold, maintaining a nationwide preliminary injunction that blocks key elements of the executive order from being enforced.

A conservative writer, Kevin Williamson, recently published a piece for National Review titled "How to Read the Newspaper." It's probably not what you think. Williamson writes that we're in a dangerous time when large swaths of the population reflexively declare any news story they don't like to be "fake news." He puts his fellow conservatives at the top of that list: "It is cheap, it is cowardly, and it is bad citizenship to simply shreik ' fake news!' every time reality forces a hard choice upon us," Williamson writes, adding that mainstream newspapers do not "traffic in fiction."

Do local newspaper writers fear that a growing population rejects their work out of hand? We find out with our guests from the Democrat & Chronicle:

President Donald Trump, who’s never been very popular in New York, has reached an all-time low in the opinions of voters, according to a new poll.

Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

Eastman Kodak is putting the spotlight on its new smartphone, even though it’s not a product that is reflective of the commercial printing and packaging that the company mainly focuses on now.

Actually, the new Kodak Ektra Smartphone isn’t even made by the company directly. It’s manufactured by a worldwide company called Bullitt Group, but it’s branded with the Kodak name, and director of content marketing Joshua Coon says it’s a very photo-centric smartphone.

Rain, then wind battering the lake shore once again

May 25, 2017
Alex Crichton

The worst may be yet to come for residents living along Lake Ontario and the ponds in Greece.

That's from Town Supervisor Bill Reilich, who says because of the high lake levels, now at 249 feet, even light winds from the northeast can cause problems for lakeshore residents.

"The lake is extremely high right now, so even now a ten mile an hour wind can do as much damage as we saw with a 30 mile an hour wind a few weeks ago just because of the high lake levels," he said.

Congressman Chris Collins

A local Democratic coalition says there has been an unprecedented level of interest from potential candidates in a local congressional race.

Democratic county chairs and grassroots leaders from the 27th Congressional district met in Batavia last week with seven of ten prospective candidates who have expressed an interest in running for the seat currently held by Republican Chris Collins.


The latest on the Lake Ontario flooding from our reporters along the lakeshore

News from NPR

Jim Bunning, an imposing Hall of Fame pitcher and a cantankerous, resolutely conservative U.S. Senator from Kentucky, died Friday at age 85.

The Trump administration agreed late Friday to disclose records regarding former lobbyists it has hired, and the ethics rules it has waived for them. The move defuses a brewing conflict between the White House and one of Washington's smallest agencies, the tiny, 71-worker Office of Government Ethics.

President Trump has had, according to the White House, a successful maiden trip outside the U.S. But the bad news is he has to come home. Back in Washington, the ongoing Russia investigations await him along with another appeals court setback for his travel ban.

At the end of a G7 summit, it's customary for the nations to release a communiqué that conveys areas of consensus among the nations. Last year, when America was represented by President Obama, the missive was 32 pages long and outlined many subjects of "common values and principles." Among other things, the group committed to take the lead on the implementation of the Paris Climate Accord.

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From the Inclusion Desk

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act could have some unintended consequences on the most vulnerable: children with disabilities. On this special Move to Include edition of Need to Know we’ll learn how special education in our public schools may see unbearable funding cuts.

Also on the show, some local disability rights advocates were recently detained outside the White House. We’ll discuss what they’re calling on President Trump to do and if he’s responded.

And a complex journey for a local artist unfolds on canvas. How local talent is awakening our understanding of deaf culture through art.

Move to Include and the Inclusion Desk is a partnership between WXXI and the Golisano Foundation designed to promote inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Area lawmakers gathered at the Gates Chili High School field house Thursday to announce $200,000 in state funds to help expand Unified Champion Schools.

That's a program that brings together students with and without intellectual disabilities through education, sports and youth leadership.

It promotes inclusion through shared sport training and competition experiences.

Neal Johnson is the president and CEO of Special Olympics-New York.   He says this program can help battle issues like bullying and harassment.

Golisano Autism Center to be built in Rochester

May 16, 2017

Several agencies are working together on a new facility to provide comprehensive services for the more than 10,000 people diagnosed with autism in the Greater Rochester and surrounding area.

The Al Sigl Community of Agencies, along with the Mary Cariola Center, AutismUp and CP Rochester are collaborating on the new Golisano Autism Center to serve the greater Rochester region.


GiGi’s Playhouse, a nationwide network of Down syndrome achievement centers is opening its 32nd location in Rochester.

The concept was started in Chicago by Nancy Gianni who named the organization after her daughter who was born with Down syndrome in 2003.

Chris Tumminelli is on the board for the Rochester location, and said as a father of a son with Down syndrome, spaces like these are vital.

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